Nana Ahuntahunu performs rituals,slaughters cow and other animals to supress covid-19.

The Chairman of the Eastern Regional Association of Fetish Priests,Nana Ahantahunu,known in normal life as Wisdom Adjololo has today performed rituals as a form of sacrifice to his gods to suppress the spread of the deadly pandemic,corona virus on tuesday March 26,2020 at his shrine in Densuso near Suhum in the Eastern Region.

Briefing the Press,the powerful spiritualist,the rituals is a directive given by the gods upon consulting on the way to suppress the spread of the virus.

“I was asleep and the gods revealed to me in a dream that corona virus is a spiritual disease…not an ordinary one…”,he said.

“…just as the President has given a directive for Christians and Islams to fast and pray,we(fetish priests) should do accordingly…”.he added.

The rituals included among others slaughtering of a vast cow,a male sheep, male goats,fowls(ducks and hens)and the pouring of libation.

He again fed the gods with otɔ(mashed yam with palm oil and eggs) and made several incantations believing that the gods have accepted his sacrifice.

The rituals was accented by the Okyenhene,Osagyefo Amoatia Oforipanin II through the Chief of Densuso,Barima Adu Ameyaw I who was prevent to observe the rituals.

In Ghana,corona virus has affected almost 93 people and killed 4 as at today.

Paa Kwesi Dimanche,Tru FM

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