Sports Brouhaha: People Of Apenkwa In The Okai Kwei North Calls On Government For A Football Park Given To A Chinese Developer For A Different Project

Sports men and residents in Apenkwa, a community of Okai Kwei Municipality in the Greater Accra Region have demonstrated over their football park which which has been given to Chinese developer for a new project.

The park which has been claimed by the Presbyterian Church at Apenkwa to be the owners is one of the parks in Ghana which has produced a players great players.

Speaking with coach Mensah Logosu current coach for Nsuatreman FC who has served and coached on the park before revealed that the Presbyterian Church at Apenkwa have given the park to a Chinese developer for a new project.

According to the residents and the football people of Apenkwa, the park was given to the German NGO in the 90’s as a dumping place to fill deep holes and cracks which could not be used for anything.

Because of law abiding and they don’t want to disturb peace at the are they have chosen a part of dialogue to get over this disgusting issue.

“Historically the land in question was a quarrel which after all activities could not be used for anything. This was because it had developed deep holes and cracks and could not served for any purpose. The land was there lying fallow until the 1970’s when s a Non Governmental Organization approached the Accra Metropolitan Assemble that it wanted to fill it with all the waste collected in Accra. It took the NGO’s about 11years to get the land filled. So at a point in time in Accra, the land land in question served as a dumping site for A.M.A. The NGO finished filling the land in the 1980’s and was allowed to use it for business until they folded up and left Ghana. It important to note that at the time the land was filled with wastes, the NGO worked on it nobody indicated the land was him or her. Indeed nobody could have done that because of the history surrounding the land the process it went through before it became what it is today. Immediately the NGO left the community turned the place into a football park and it has remained so for over forty years.

Until recent times, the park attracted Ghanaian football stars during it Monday stars training. In fact the park has produced great players for some of our premier league teams and our national teams. The likes of Lee Addy, Christian Atsu, Eric Gawu to mention by a few are all product of this park.

Ladies and gentleman, the most worrying of the President issue surrounding the land is that all of the countless number of the private schools in Okai Kwei North Municipal none of them have football park. It is this park which has reportedly been sold to Chinese that serves as recreational center for all the schools and by extension the community. More so, the park is the training ground and home of four football teams one of which is second division team and other a colts team.

As we speak all sporting activities cannot take place or may soon not be able to take place because the Presbyterian Church claiming to the owners of the land have alienated it to a Chinese developer who has gone ahead to start fencing it. We are are insanes by this development not because we arrival owners of the land but we know for a fact that the land was long designated as a football park after it was filled with wastes. As part of immediate or remedial to reclaim the park, we call on the central government through the Okai Kwei Municipal Chief Executive to exert it authority under the constitution to stop the development of the land preserved the place for the community.

In the event that the Presbyterian Church is the rightful owners of the land, the government should negotiate with them, pay compensation to them and acquire it either through compulsory acquisition or vesting. The whole of Okai Kwei Municipal cannot afford to leave without a football park. Thank you.”

Source: Isaac Ganyo Tamakloe

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