We Are Not Living Our Lives Well That’s Why Our Football Is Like This In Ghana – Abbey Pobi

The club owner and administrator of Kumasi-based Neoplan Stars, Mr. Abbey Pobi has claimed that Ghana Football is suffering because of how we live our lives.

According to Mr. Abbey Pobi it is very sad for Ghana to here the Liberian government to donate money to their clubs whilst we are far better than them but they have good management in their FA and reserves.

Speaking in an interview with Richmond K Entsie on Adeiso-based Tru Fm, Abbey Pobi claimed,

“Ghana we are lacking because we don’t live our lives well in terms of football that’s why the Liberian football is moving faster than ours.

How can Ghana say Liberian government has donated money to their clubs? Because they have the reserves and they address to the people any money they will have access to in every tenure or year in their football. Ghana isn’t like that because the FA can’t address to the people about the money they use or spend

“Because of family and friends working together in Ghana they can’t tell the truth. They have turned everything to generation (family and friends) so they won’t go for audit for one to be disgraced or betrayed.

“That is why our football is suffering today”

Source: trufmonline.com

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