Tears Flow As Kofi Nti Reveals Kofi B’s Last Words Before His Death.

The best friend of the late Kofi B, Kofi Nti in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Kofi TV has revealed his last words before his last breath.

Kofi Nti also clarified that Kofi B never performed before his death and according to him, the chief’s birthday party which they were billed to perform was scheduled to take place on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, Kofi B died on Sunday dawn at exactly 3:44 AM so there was no performance as it was speculated in the media according to Kofi Nti.

On the question of Kofi B’s last words before his death, Kofi Nti sadly disclosed that all that Kofi B said was, “Kofi, my heart, I am dying, I will die…”

Kofi Nti disclosed that Kofi B died immediately after vomiting.